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NIKE x J Balvin Air Jordan 1 Retro HI OG


Based on the image of J Belvin, the Colombian recording artist, Nike arrived at this vibrant Air Jordan 1 design. First seen during the half time show of Super Bowl 54 back in February. Guaranteed to turn heads with this one. Rumor has it the stock is super limited, definitely recommended to enter every raffle available for this awesome shoe. The raffle list can be found below.

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Air Force 1 ‘Safari’ Nike by You: A Closer Look


Previously NIKE ID… ‘Nike by You‘ allows customers to get creative with their favorite silhouettes, in this instance its us trying to create an Air Force 1 ‘Safari’. There has been all sorts of crazy designs put out there in the past. An example of a great one was the Levi’s Air Max 90’s. The classic Levi’s denim was a custom option for the air max 90’s, already an awesome looking shoe on its own, adding the de-stressed denim made them pop way beyond what anyone would have hopped for.

This time it was the Air Force 1’s turn for that custom treatment, only this time paying homage to some very special and much loved Air Max 1 colourways. Nike decided to allow sneaker heads to replicate if they wanted to, the Atmos x Nike safaris’s and elephants on an Air Force 1. When the idea was first thrown around, it seemed like it could have been a bit of a flop, turns out we were quite wrong. Once you got on the Nike by You page and started playing with the colours and materials it became ever so clear it was a fantastic idea. With both colourways being timeless classics, there is something almost nostalgic about adapting it to another silhouette, especially for people who weren’t lucky enough to cop the originals back in the day or just weren’t in the game then.


When it came to deciding whether to go for the ‘Safari’ or ‘Elephant’ look, it had to be the ‘safari’ mostly because it just looks better on the Air Force 1 in our opinion. The real deal breaker and reason for not going down the ‘Elephant’ path was the fact that Nike wasn’t allowing customers to use an elephant print material for the mud guard like on the original shoe. People just had to run with the safari print and do their best with it, as lovely as they still look upon creating them, they still don’t look as legit as we would like.

Once we received our chosen re imagined Air Force 1 we were pleasantly surprised they were even better than we thought. Sure they looked great on screen but in hand, game changer. The quality of the shoe is top draw although as to be expected when your paying the premium. Fingers crossed, in future we can re imagine a few more of the classic colourways from other silhouettes onto an Air Force 1 or any one of the several timeless models Nike have to offer.

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Nike Rubber Dunk x Off-White: A closer look

Nike Rubber Dunk x Off-White ‘University Blue’

A closer look at the Nike Rubber Dunk x Off-White in the university blue colourway. Virgil seems to have taken a different approach to this one. Where there would normally be the more “inside out” and deconstructed look with an Off-White shoe, these seem to have a more heavily layered and dressed up take on the classic silhouette. These things are so much better in hand and get a huge yes from us.

According to Nike this design is inspired by the Air Pegasus line while still blending the timeless silhouette of the dunk low and its skateboard background. This design really isn’t shy when it comes to colours and materials, with metallic silver, university blue and the Off-White orange zip tie, its a bit of an understatement to say that the Rubber Dunk stands out from the crowd.

With these being a regional exclusive, we cant help but want what we cant have. The North American exclusive offers a very different vibe all together with the green and black colourway. It replaces the metallic silver for a more matte black look with green highlights popping from the rustic rubber swoosh and air bubble surround. Asia gets the gold and black pair which we cant help but get a C3-PO vibe from every time we look at them, then again the university blue’s could pass a an R2-D2 inspired colourway, who knows maybe that was the case.

In our opinion it looks like a Dunk and a P6000 had a baby in a star wars universe and ended up as a Rubber Dunk.

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Why we chose to support Global’s Make Some Noise?


When it comes to first class radio stations its difficult to overlook Global. With stations like Heart, Capital, Radio X and Smooth, Global has cemented itself in peoples day to day life with a constant flow of new and timeless music and modern humor. Though we think all this is great, after diving a little deeper into what the media company does for people less fortunate than ourselves, we just couldn’t help but get on board and donate to such an awesome cause. We are very proud to say we are supporting Globals Make Some Noise.

The thing we like most about these guys is that they channel funds across a number of different areas, allowing for more vulnerable or unwell people with very different circumstances to benefit. Rather than aiming towards one specific area they go for a more “blanket” approach that not only helps warm people in need but supports them and gets them going back on their feet. You don’t have to look very far outside our own lives to see who they aim to help, from people struggling with mental health to people experiencing domestic abuse, supporting people living in poverty, even helping carers who are doing they’re best to help the vulnerable. Not to mention the aid they are currently giving to people hit the hardest by the now tedious and annoying Covid-19 pandemic or “caronavirus” depending on your flavor.

Look… we could go on an on about Global’s Make Some Noise and all the wonderful things they do for people but we wont harp on forever, just know that every ticket you buy is contributing to making someone dealt a rough hand smile that little bit more, if that’s not worth your money then perhaps your in the wrong place, if it is then welcome to the Lucked Out Laces family.

If you want to learn more about supporting Globals Make Some Noise then click their logo above and take a look. To support them via one of our raffles click here.

Stay safe.

Global’s Make Some Noise is an appeal operated by Global Charities, a registered charity in England & Wales (1091657) & Scotland (SC041475).