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Why we chose to support Global’s Make Some Noise?


When it comes to first class radio stations its difficult to overlook Global. With stations like Heart, Capital, Radio X and Smooth, Global has cemented itself in peoples day to day life with a constant flow of new and timeless music and modern humor. Though we think all this is great, after diving a little deeper into what the media company does for people less fortunate than ourselves, we just couldn’t help but get on board and donate to such an awesome cause. We are very proud to say we are supporting Globals Make Some Noise.

The thing we like most about these guys is that they channel funds across a number of different areas, allowing for more vulnerable or unwell people with very different circumstances to benefit. Rather than aiming towards one specific area they go for a more “blanket” approach that not only helps warm people in need but supports them and gets them going back on their feet. You don’t have to look very far outside our own lives to see who they aim to help, from people struggling with mental health to people experiencing domestic abuse, supporting people living in poverty, even helping carers who are doing they’re best to help the vulnerable. Not to mention the aid they are currently giving to people hit the hardest by the now tedious and annoying Covid-19 pandemic or “caronavirus” depending on your flavor.

Look… we could go on an on about Global’s Make Some Noise and all the wonderful things they do for people but we wont harp on forever, just know that every ticket you buy is contributing to making someone dealt a rough hand smile that little bit more, if that’s not worth your money then perhaps your in the wrong place, if it is then welcome to the Lucked Out Laces family.

If you want to learn more about supporting Globals Make Some Noise then click their logo above and take a look. To support them via one of our raffles click here.

Stay safe.

Global’s Make Some Noise is an appeal operated by Global Charities, a registered charity in England & Wales (1091657) & Scotland (SC041475).