Jordan 1 ‘Rookie of the Year’

Air Jordan


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With all of the Air Jordan releases that just keep on coming, every now and then there’s always a special one. The special one in this case is the Air Jordan 1 High ‘Rookie of The Year’. Besides this shoe being absolutely gorgeous to look at, there is another reason that this shoe is special. This shoe was released to celebrate Michael Jordans sensational rookie year campaign. It takes everything that we know and love about the Air Jordan 1 and adds  some more MJ magic.

The uppers are of course constructed of premium materials. Golden brown overlays on top of a white quarter and toe box really catches your eye with this one. The golden brown colour is a nod to the colour of Michael Jordans shirt he was wearing during his 1985 rookie of the year press conference. The black laces combined with a black swoosh and outsole breaks the colours of this shoe up nicely.

All of this combined along with the special meaning behind this shoe make this one a must have. Any Jordan 1 collector or sneaker head out there would kill to have this in their rotation. We are so pleased we are able to give you this second opportunity to get your hands on one that has been and gone. Grab your ticket now and be in with a chance to win what we think is one of the best Jordan 1’s to ever release. The Air Jordan 1 High ‘Rookie of The Year’. For details on free entry, see our terms and conditions.

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