Air Max 1 ‘Black’

Patta x Nike



So, here we are. We have finally arrived at the the last instalment of this particular collaboration  between Patta and Nike. This time around we have the Patta x Nike Air Max 1 ‘Black’. Another fantastic rendition of the iconic and timeless Air Max 1. Each and every design we have seen so far had smashed it out of the park. In our opinion the whole collection has been the one that has got us the most excited all year. Old school Air Max 1 fans went crazy for this release, as well as new fans arriving to join the Air Max 1 community. It was fantastic to see the Air Max 1 get so much love once again, as it should.

When it comes the Patta x Nike Air Max 1 ‘Black’, we were pleased to see that they got adventurous with materials. Of course as well as being absolutely premium, the textures and visuals are fantastic. The mixture of matte and gloss combined with the smooth and textured materials has this pair in our top 5 to release this year. The soft mesh upper is nothing new on an air max 1. However, the cracked leather eye stays are something we don’t often see. The “ride the wave” mudguard also has a gloss like lacquer applied to it which gives it a unique texture and look. It was nice to see Patta experiment a bit more with this one, moving away from the initial ‘Monarch’ release. It definitely shows they have taken a completely fresh approach with each release, rather than just changing  a few colours.

This shoe and its siblings are a must have in any sneaker heads rotation, here’s your chance. For details on free entry, see our terms and conditions.

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