Dunk Low ‘Medium Curry’



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The Nike Dunk Low ‘Medium Curry’. In the ever expanding universe of the Nike Dunk, it’s easy to get lost in the all the magical and mystical colourways there are out there. If you want a solid one to focus your eyes on, then look no further than the Dunk Low ‘Medium Curry’. Its name doesn’t do it justice as these beauties are hotter than anything your local curry house can produce. A name like Vindaloo would have better suited a shoe of this calibre.

The materials are absolutely premium as advertised. The brown suede overlay is what really give these curry’s a kick, especially being backed by a subtle sail toe box. Of course you have all the usual premium cushioning, which turns these into the best looking carpet slippers you will ever have. We could keep on describing this shoe but just one glance at the pictures are enough to suck you in, as you become another victim of the Nike Dunk addiction that has taken the sneaker world by storm.

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