Dunk Low ‘Mummy’


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§It’s always exciting to hear that a Nike are releasing a halloween special sneaker. We have had some fantastic pairs in the past. The NikeSB Dunk Low ‘Mummy’ are definitely no exception. Being a Halloween shoe, it was ways going to to have a quirky Halloween design. We were blown away when we first saw the official images start to surface. Like many we were instant fans of the design and had to get a pair in hand by any means necessary. In regards to how the shoe is constructed, name ‘Mummy’ is truly fitting. Nike have done a fantastic job of transforming this iconic silhouette into something that looks like its been extracted from an Egyptian tomb.

The entire upper of the NikeSB Dunk Low ‘Mummy’  is constructed of a tan coloured canvas. The canvas has been weathered and stitched to look like the wraps that might be found on a mummy. Although they may look like they are held together by rags, the shoe is really solid. Of course as funky as the design is, it’s still a skate shoe. Red and yellow eyes have been embroidered into the heel of each shoe. The eyes are applied to a white material that glows in the dark. The entire midsole and outsole also glow in the dark. On the toe box of the left shoe, there is also a scarab embroidered to fit the Egyptian theme. In addition to this, an Egyptian symbol can also be found on the backside of the puffy tongue.

As a result of all of the small details, you really are left with an incredibly special and unique sneaker. We didn’t realise how limited this release actually was. For details on free entry, see our terms and conditions.

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