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The NikeSB Dunk Low VX1000 ‘Camcorder’. In our opinion, this fantastic design is up there with one of the best to be applied to a NikeSB Dunk. If you’re familiar with skate culture then you will know exactly what this shoe is based on. Of course the clue is in the name with this one, ‘Camcorder’ gives it away, but, this isn’t just any old camera. The camera which this shoe represents is the Sony DCR-VX1000 camcorder. Back in the 90’s this camcorder revolutionized the way skate videos were made. If you wasn’t filming your edits with the VX1000 and a “death lens” then you were trying to figure out how you can be filming with them. With the VX1000 being so iconic and legendary in the skateboarding world, NikeSB decided to celebrate that with this stunning Dunk.

Of course the shoe adopts the same colours that were applied to the camcorder. The grays and blacks that wrap around the shoe represent the style of the VX1000 perfectly. What separates this from any other grey and black dunk? The cleverly positioned text found over the shoe. “Player”, “shutter speed” and “rec level” are just some of the text that can be found on the shoe. The idea is to replicate the functions on legendary camcorder. Another brilliant addition to the shoe is the yellow and red eyelets on the collar. Of course these eyelets are representing the same video and sound outputs found on the Sony VX1000.

We cant speak highly enough for this shoe and what it represents. So if you want own a truly iconic silhouette combined with a legendary design, look no further than the NikeSB Dunk Low VX1000 ‘Camcorder’. For details on free entry, see our terms and conditions.

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