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The Air Max 1 has a lineage filled with rich history that has inspired the sneaker world for generations. Even Tinker himself couldn’t have predicted the shockwave that this silhouette sent throughout the sneaker world. The 80’s seemed to be a turning point for how sneakers were designed and constructed. In 1987 the Air Max 1 was born. It’s design featured groundbreaking technology that is still used to this day. Of course the most iconic feature from this silhouette comes in the form of a visible air bubble. This visible air bubble paved the way towards the future of the Nike brand. The Nike Air Max 1 ‘Master’ celebrate everything air max 1 and more.

Of course there is a lot going on with the Nike Air Max 1 ‘Master’. With over 30 years worth of collaborations it was always going to be something different. The entire upper is constructed of a super soft premium leather. Perforations in the leather are a nod to the 2005 ‘kid robot’. Other collaboration references include the OG ‘Red’ along with a number of the ‘Atmos’ colourways. Legendary colourways such as the ‘Viotech’, ‘Animal Camo’ and ‘Safari’. Of course they wouldn’t be complete without including the Patta x Nike Air Max 1 ‘Chlorophyll’.

We could go on forever about the history of the Air Max 1 and all the great collaborations through the years. But, this time it’s easy to let this fantastic and iconic shoe do the talking. For details on free entry, see our terms and conditions.

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