Dunk Low ‘Paisley’



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The NikeSB Dunk Low ‘Paisley. A shoe that we have had in stock for a little while now and finally decided it was time to be added to the 99p collection. Our 99p raffles seem to be a big hit with you guys. This is why we intend to keep them coming. This time around its the lowest amount of tickets we have ever done in a 99p special.

We love what Nike have done with the NikeSB Dunk Low ‘Paisley’. Like most NikeSB renditions of the dunk, build quality is of the highest level. Of course we can’t forget that this shoe is designed to be skated in so being robust is a major requirement. The brown/burgundy paisley printed canvas is absolutely premium. However, this canvas outer layer can be torn away to uncover a super plush bone white nubuck leather. The darker print allows the brilliant white laces, midsole and swoosh to stand our beautifully. As you all know by now, we are massive fans of a gum outsole. In addition, put that gum outsole on a white midsole and you have something that really slaps!

In conclusion, this fine example of an SB Dunk would be a great addition to any sneaker fans collection. At 99p and with odds this good, it’s a no brainier. For details on free entry, see our terms and conditions.

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