Dunk Low ‘What the Paul’


UK Size: 8.5


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NikeSB Dunk Low ‘What the paul’. Wow! The first word that springs to mind when you set eyes on this sensational pair of Dunks. It would take a legend like P-Rod to create something as unique and creative as these Dunks are. Since his signing with Nike back in 2005, we have seen a huge amount of Paul Rodriguez inspired shoes. Each pair released have been every bit as good as what he’s famous for in the first place. His skating.

This eyewateringly colourful design is guaranteed to turn heads whether your at your local park or just flexing on the streets. The shoe combines many of the previous P-Rod silhouettes and colourways. Just to name a couple, the elephant print can be seen from the J-Rod combined with the toe box from the P-Rod 1 Elite ‘Stash’. We have never seen a shoe with such a variety riaty of different materials, especially with each and every one being absolutely premium. Leather, Mesh, Vinyl, suede the list foes on and on.

We can’t stress enough how good this shoe is in hand, we are super excited to make this shoe available for you to win. We are giving our customers a second chance to cop this stunning shoe from the legendary Paul Rodriguez x NikeSB. For the first time ever we can offer multiple size selection too. For details on free entry, see our terms and conditions.

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