Jordan 2 Low ‘White/Red’

Off-White x Air Jordan


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As we are sure you’re aware by now, Off-White and Nike are always pushing boundaries in sneakers. The Off-White x Nike Air Jordan 2 Low ‘White/Red’ is no exception. This shoe has a fantastic concept and story behind it which is enough to get any sneaker head out there excited. In 1987 Michael Jordan wore the Air Jordan 2 on court for the first time. This new collaborative design was created to replicate an actual 1987 game worn pair. Nike pulled this shoe straight from a time capsule and using modern technology have managed to scan the entire shoe. This has allowed an extremely close replica of the original, even featuring the cracked and deteriorated midsole. Of course the deconstructed look is now somewhat of an Off-White signature.

The Off-White x Nike Air Jordan 2 Low ‘White/Red’ is constructed as expected form absolute premium materials. In hand you really get a feel for how well this shoe is put together. The white leather upper feels ridiculously high quality along with the red accents across the design. In addition to this, the midsole has been created to replicate an original game worn pair. Therefore cracks and missing foam is integrated into this design. We are big fans of shoes with history and this one is absolutely packed with it. The idea behind this design is enough to get peoples attention. However once in hand, they are hard to one to let pass by. After that, the box also gets some special treatment. It’s base is made of a transparent plastic allowing you to conveniently and proudly display your little piece of sneaker history.

In conclusion, this is not one that you want to miss. We wish you the best of luck, see you on draw day!

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