Dunk Low ‘Lot 23’

Off-White x Nike


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The dust has now settled and exclusive access has finally finished for the recent Off-White Dunk release. It seems that there were a huge number of people who missed out on this special SNKRS event. That being said, we want to do our best to give you that second chance on all the biggest releases. So, following on from our ‘Lot 32’ raffle, we decided another lot was necessary. This time it’s the Off-White x Nike Dunk Low ‘Lot 23’. We are big fans of the entire collection but, we have chosen pairs that we are particularly fond of.

Of course the most obvious difference between each of the ‘The 50’ pairs is the colour of the over lace and tongue. Also the grey overlays on this particular pair are a soft premium leather. Other pairs have been designed with suede instead. Either way they both look fantastic, based on the original neutral grey colourway. ‘Lot 23’ is a brighter rendition than the shoe we raffled previously. The over lace is bright orange with a deep purple tongue both of which we are a big fan of. On the lateral side of the midsole is the lot number plate which on this pair is green. We love how this shoe looks with its very neutral build but with the added flair of bright coloured accessories.

Of course, although there were 50 different pairs, many people missed out. Especially with exclusive access on the SNKRS app being the only way you could cop a pair. As long as the demand is there, we will keep doing our best to bring you different lot numbers and give you that second chance. This time it’s the Off-White x Nike Dunk Low ‘Lot 23’. See you on draw day.

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