Nike Dunk Low ‘Lot 39’ (China Excl.)

Off-White x Nike


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It’s been a long time since we raffled an Off-White shoe. We thought out of respect for Virgil, we would hold off on any Off-White sneakers for the time being. We feel that the time is now right to celebrate such an extraordinary talent with our favourite dunk from “The 50” collection. Up for grabs this time around is the gorgeous Off-White x Nike Dunk Low ‘Lot 39’ (China Exclusive). Fortunately for us, we have been lucky enough to get out hands on many of the pairs from “The 50” collection. In our opinion we prefer the suede version as opposed to the regular leather. That being said it is very difficult to decide a favourite with when there is so much choice. But, upon much deliberation we went for ‘Lot 39’ as the best.

Like the rest of “The 50” collection, ‘Lot 39’ maintains the classic shape of the iconic Dunk. Of course evidence of the Off-White brand can seen everywhere. This design revisits the addition of an overlace that was first seen on the 2019 Dunk release. In addition to this, the tongue has a deconstructed look that varies in colour from each design. The overlace on each design also changes with the ‘Lot’ number. A rubber plaque is applied to the lateral heel of the midsole to spicy which ‘Lot’ of the 50 it is.

Being exclusive to China, the Off-White x Nike Dunk Low ‘Lot 39’ is a tough find for UK customers. We are very pleased to give our customers the opportunity to win this exclusive and fantastic looking Dunk. For details on free entry, see our terms and conditions.

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