Jordan 4 ‘Desert Moss’

Union x Air Jordan


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We’re not sure how this one slipped our net. Since we began we have raffled every other UNION Jordan 4. We have even re ran a couple of them. For some reason we just never got around to raffling this one. But, none of that matters because the UNION x Air Jordan 4 ‘Desert Moss’ is now live and available for you to win. Since getting these in hand we have thought long and hard about where they sit in our ranks. Dare we say that these are up there with our favourite Jordan 4’s ever. The more experimental and vibrant colours give this an edge over the more neutral others. With the Jordan 4 kind of being an all year rounder, this colourway is a fantastic way to brighten a dull winter.

The UNION x Air Jordan 4 ‘Desert Moss’ released as part of the Union LA brands 30th anniversary. With that being the occasion we were always in for a treat. Leather normally makes up the majority of an Air Jordan 4. Not this time. Leather is replaced with suede and mesh. Combining this with the vibrant colour pallet and the sewn down tongue gives this Jordan a more contemporary look. All of the original overlays and shapes that are on the original can be found on this one. It goes without saying that the Jordan 4 is a timeless design that has managed to stay current ever since its 1989 release.

Do you need this one to complete the UNION set? Or like us, are you just love with the colourway? No matter what the situation,  you could win this shoe for a fraction of the retail and resale price. Grab your ticket before its too late. For details on free entry, see our terms and conditions.