Jordan 4 ‘Guava Ice’

Union x Air Jordan


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The UNION x Air Jordan 4 ‘Guava Ice’ is now available for you to win. This shoe has been requested for some time now. We are extremely excited to put this shoe live and offer you a chance to win in YOUR size. That’s right, we are offering multiple size selection on this stunning and now extremely rare shoe. It’s a pair that had become a fan favourite. Many believe this to be the best UNION x Jordan 4 to ever be released. It’s definitely a hard statement to argue with when you take a look at how clean and fresh this sneaker is.

This sneaker released alongside a pair that we have already raffled in the ‘Off Noir’. Of course this is by far the more limited pair as they were an exclusive UNION release. The name Tinker Hatfield is of course a household name among sneaker heads. Like most of you will know, he is responsible for the design of the legendary Air Jordan 4. Combining Tinker’s signature sneaker style with the added unique UNION LA tweeks has created a masterpiece. The UNION x Air Jordan 4 ‘Guava Ice’ is modelled off of the original sketches of the Air Jordan 4. A fantastic concept, which offers a window looking back into what could have been with the Air Jordan 4.

In conclusion, we could go on forever about how fantastic this shoe is, however you probably already know. Therefore, it’s time for us to be quiet and let the shoe to the talking. If you are a size UK 5.5-12 then a pair could be yours! Or will you take the £800?Good luck and we look forward to seeing you on draw day. For details on free entry, see our terms and conditions.

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