Nike Dunk Low ‘Pistachio’

UNION x Nike


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Finally a UNION x Nike Dunk. Something that many of us have wanted for a while now. Of course the LA based brand once again didn’t disappoint. The UNION x Nike Dunk Low ‘Pistachio’ is part of the ‘Passport Pack’ which we have seen official images of over the past couple of months. This long standing collaboration between to the two brands always promises to produce the some of the finest quality. There is always a huge amount of hype surrounding UNION releases, meaning actually bagging this shoe is extremely hard. Many sneakers aren’t worth the resale price now days, but there are some that just might be. This Dunk for us is definitely a must have in any dunk fans collection.

As expected, materials on the UNION x Nike Dunk Low ‘Pistachio’ are absolutely premium. Even under the transparent overlay which can be removed to reveal the green and navy leather colour blocking. A pretty pain staking exercise to say the least but of course nice to have that customisable freedom. UNION LA branding can be found on the lateral sides of the shoe. Although the majority of sneaker heads out there could spot this is a UNION design a mile off. Always taking an iconic silhouette and adapting it to meet their adventurous design taste. Overall we love this shoe. This pair wouldn’t look out of place sat nicely alongside the rest of the UNION arsenal.

We are super happy to offer the first instalment of the UNION ‘Passport Pack’. Of course look out for the rest of the pack which we will do or best to offer soon. For details on free entry, see our terms and conditions.

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