VaporWaffle ‘Royal Fuchsia’

Sacai x Nike


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Another re-run option. We have recently been re-running sneakers that we only managed to offer a single size on the first time. Now we are lucky enough to offer multiple size selection, we want to re-run as many as possible. So this time around we have the fantastic Sacai x Nike Vaporwaffle ‘Royal Fuchsia’.

Another great collaboration from these two brands. Whenever Sacai and Nike get together, you know your in for something special. Of course the hype is very much real with Sacai x Nike releases and without a doubt the ‘Royal Fuchsia’ seemed to only add fuel to fire when released. As you can imagine, the shoe sold out instantly and with a big release like these, and the price rocketed also, with supply not meeting demand. Since they released back in November last year the price has crept up and up and it now has seemed to stabilise around the £500 mark.

For us here at Lucked Out Laces, the Sacai x Nike VaporWaffle ‘Royal Fuchsia’ is the best colourway to release for this silhouette. Many others think the same, judging by how many people want this shoe. Probably because its the original, the first one to release which is always going to carry more weight when it comes to collectors.

This colorway has been kept fresh and clean with an almost bone like colour covering the majority, with the added splashes of colour to really highlight the shoes bold silhouette and make them really pop on foot. So here they are, your opportunity to take home a pair of Sacai x Nike VaporWaffle ‘Royal Fuchsia’.

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