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Nike Rubber Dunk x Off-White: A closer look

Nike Rubber Dunk x Off-White ‘University Blue’

A closer look at the Nike Rubber Dunk x Off-White in the university blue colourway. Virgil seems to have taken a different approach to this one. Where there would normally be the more “inside out” and deconstructed look with an Off-White shoe, these seem to have a more heavily layered and dressed up take on the classic silhouette. These things are so much better in hand and get a huge yes from us.

According to Nike this design is inspired by the Air Pegasus line while still blending the timeless silhouette of the dunk low and its skateboard background. This design really isn’t shy when it comes to colours and materials, with metallic silver, university blue and the Off-White orange zip tie, its a bit of an understatement to say that the Rubber Dunk stands out from the crowd.

With these being a regional exclusive, we cant help but want what we cant have. The North American exclusive offers a very different vibe all together with the green and black colourway. It replaces the metallic silver for a more matte black look with green highlights popping from the rustic rubber swoosh and air bubble surround. Asia gets the gold and black pair which we cant help but get a C3-PO vibe from every time we look at them, then again the university blue’s could pass a an R2-D2 inspired colourway, who knows maybe that was the case.

In our opinion it looks like a Dunk and a P6000 had a baby in a star wars universe and ended up as a Rubber Dunk.

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