Air Jordan Jordan 1 ‘Dark Mocha’

The Air Jordan 1 High ‘Dark Mocha’ is back. As requested by our customers, we have decided to re-run this extremely popular Jordan 1. This time we are super excited to offer multiple size selection.

When trying to think back at pairs that were in such high demand but limited quantity, the Air Jordan 1 ‘Dark  Mocha’ instantly spring to mind. These things had such a huge amount of hype all the way up until their release, every man, woman and their dog was after a pair of these. It’s no surprise as to why people went mad for them, i mean just look at them, they really are a stunning addition to this timeless silhouettes catalog.

In our opinion, any Air Jordan 1 with a black toe is an instant win. Combine this with that dark mocha nubuck leather on the heal, the results are astronomical. When the pre-released photos of the shoe first surfaced, we couldn’t help but be reminded of those ever illusive Travis Jordan 1’s, many people in the community were siding with the ‘Dark Mocha’ in saying they were the better looking shoe. We don’t know about that, what we do know is these are an absolute must for any sneaker head, Jordan collector or any regular guy or girl who wears sneakers.

So ladies and gentlemen, we at Lucked Out Laces are proud to give you that second chance as we present to you the Air Jordan 1 ‘Dark Mocha’. Grab your ticket now before that chance passes you by.