UNION x Air Jordan Union Jordan 1 ‘Black Toe’

We decided it’s time for a super special shoe that we have never raffles before. Something that truly deserves the description of a grail. Pretty safe to say this is definitely a shoe that ticks that box. The UNION x Air Jordan 1 High ‘Black Toe’ is one of the biggest and most valuable shoe that we have ever raffled! When this shoe released back in 2018 the sneaker world stood still, much like any UNION x Nike release. Looking at our past raffles, it’s easy to tell we are huge fans of the UNION LA brand. Everything they touch turns to gold.

The UNION x Air Jordan 1 High ‘Black Toe’ pays homage to everything we know and love about the Jordan 1. Of course with this being a collaboration, there are some little tweaks. These tweaks are subtle and let the people who’s heads your turning know this is no ordinary Jordan 1. The materials that are used on this sneaker are absolutely top draw. Soft black leather overlays the premium white toe box and quarter. A nod in the direction of the original black toe colourway. The ankle has another reference to the iconic neutral grey 85 colourway. The neutral grey Jordan 1 has been made to look like it’s been stitched on top of the rest of the shoe.  Of course a special box is also included with this pair as well as some vibrant extra lace sets.

This is definitely not a raffle to sit out on. We are so excited to offer our customers a second chance at this now myth level sneaker. For details on free entry, see our terms and conditions.